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    Exclamation Unanswered: how to combine these queries into one using a join?

    Hi there. I apologize but I'm a novice at sql...
    I have to combine these two queries into one using a join:

    SELECT categories.category_id, categories.title, categories.description,categories.parent_id,catego ries.display_weight,
    categories.image_thumb, categories.deleted, categories.image_banner,
    FROM categories
    AND parent_id=18
    AND category_id <> 18

    And here's the second one:

    SELECT `product.product_id`, ``, `product.image_thumb`, `product.deleted`
    FROM (`product`)
    WHERE `product_id` IN (select product_id from product_category where category_id=18)
    ORDER BY `display_weight` DESC

    A few points:

    It's possible to have a scenario where the first query will return 0 rows, but the second does contain records.

    Also, you'll notice that the second query has a subquery baked in. The relationship between the product table and category table is defined in the product_category table.
    The product table on its own doesn't know which categories the products belong to.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    A standard (INNER) JOIN will return 0 rows if one of the tables is empty. Check out about OUTER JOIN's instead. (I.e. LEFT [OUTER] JOIN, RIGHT [OUTER] JOIN, FULL [OUTER] JOIN.)

    How come query may return 0 rows, but the second does contain records?

    How do the two queries relate to each other? (Join condition...)

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    Another option might be UNION(or UNION ALL) of those two queries by adding some dummy columns for each query, to make same select column list for two queries.

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