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    Unanswered: Highlighting specific words in a memo field

    Hello folks

    I wonder if someone can advise me?

    I have a form containing a memo field, and, when populated with text, I would like to highlight certain words, if they appear in the field.

    The underlying query looks at the gender assigned to each record and compares this to the pronouns used in the memo field, filtering where there is a mismatch. So, if the record represents a 'Female' student and the memo field contains: "he", "his", "him", "himself" it will appear in a list.

    This part works well but the problem that I have is then proof reading the memo field to find the actual pronouns that break the gender rule (there may be more than one). If the contents of the memo field are quite lengthy it is very easy to miss the offending pronoun thus it can take quite a long time to edit.

    My idea is to set the memo field to highlight ALL gender pronouns in the field but not the surrounding text. This would make the task of finding and checking the pronouns very much quicker as the user checks only the highlighted text and nothing else.

    All instances of "he", "him", "his", "himself", "she", "her", "her's", "herself" etc.

    I would like this highlighting to be view only so that the text in the paper reports does not change.

    I read somewhere that this may be achievable using a 'Rich Text Format' in the field, but precise details are sketchy. Can anyone suggest a solution?

    I've attached a screen shot of the form that is used for editing. I have circled all the pronouns, including the offending one. This is to give an better idea of what I'd like the database to do automatically, if possible.

    I hope someone can advise if this is possible or not.

    Many thanks

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