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    Unanswered: Date Difference from same column

    Dear all, I've a table like below. Could anyone tell me what will be the query to get the date difference of last two payment dates of distinct user ID.

    user_id amount_paid payment_date
    X 102 11/2/13
    A 89 18/2/13
    X 93 15/2/13
    X 85 17/1/12
    Z 87 19/2/13
    A 86 3/1/13
    A 78 13/1/13

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    pbaldy, a member here, has a demonstration that you can download here:

    Previous values

    Download the sample database, click on the button, as instructed, which opens a Query. Go into Design View for the Query and see how to pull the previous value by looking at the code behind the Calculated Query Field named PrevEnd.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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