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    Unanswered: Little help

    I am a student and am trying to learn Access. I have an issue that I can not figure out. I am to enhance a preexisting hangman program inwhich I need to add the yes/no option to the end of the program in order to restart the game if the player looses. I know about what I need to do but can not figure out were the code needs to go. I think I have a good start but keep getting errors when I try to run it now. Can anyone give me a little help in the right direction?

    Private Sub cmdVerify_Click()

    ' Did the user win?
    If (Me.txtA.Value & Me.txtB.Value & Me.txtC.Value & _
    Me.txtD.Value & Me.txtE.Value & Me.txtF.Value) _
    = "Access" Then
    MsgBox "You won!", , "Hangman"
    Me.cmdVerify.Enabled = False

    ' User did not guess the correct letter.
    ' Find an available body part to display.
    If Me.imgLeftLeg.Visible = False Then
    Me.imgLeftLeg.Visible = True
    iCounter = iCounter + 1
    ElseIf Me.imgRightLeg.Visible = False Then
    Me.imgRightLeg.Visible = True
    iCounter = iCounter + 1
    ElseIf Me.imgBody.Visible = False Then
    Me.imgBody.Visible = True
    iCounter = iCounter + 1
    ElseIf Me.imgLeftArm.Visible = False Then
    Me.imgLeftArm.Visible = True
    iCounter = iCounter + 1
    ElseIf Me.imgRightArm.Visible = False Then
    Me.imgRightArm.Visible = True
    iCounter = iCounter + 1
    ElseIf Me.imgHead.Visible = False Then
    Me.imgHead.Visible = True
    iCounter = iCounter + 1
    End If
    ' Find out if the user has lost.
    This is were I am getting the issues
    If iCounter = 6 Then
    MsgBox "Sorry, you lost. Would you like to play again?", vbYesNo, "Hangman"
    I have the start correct but can not figure out where to go from here.
    Me.txtA.Enabled = False
    Me.txtB.Enabled = False
    Me.txtC.Enabled = False
    Me.txtD.Enabled = False
    Me.txtE.Enabled = False
    Me.txtF.Enabled = False
    MsgBox "You have " & 6 - iCounter & _
    " chances left!", , "Hangman"
    End If

    End If

    End Sub

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    where are you getting the errors? can you attach a sample - sounds like one of those things where it is easier to fix and you look at how it was done than to try to micro explain the solution.
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    you are doing nothing with the result of the message box
    di expect soemthign like

    usrResponse =MsgBox "Sorry, you lost. Would you like to play again?", vbYesNo, "Hangman"
    if userresponse = vbyes then
    'id expect there to be a call to a function wuch as newgame()
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