I have upgraded Sybase ASE version from 15.0.2 to 15.7.
In lower version , i was not having job scheduler,and now i need to install JS manually in the same server where Sybase is installed but on a different port which is existing and unused.

These are the steps i followed to install Job Scheduler manually,
disk init name='sybmgmtdev',physname='/opt/sybase/data/sybmgmtdb.dat',size="75M",dsync = false
2.Ran installjsdb script.
3.updated interface file with updated SERVERNAME_JSAGENT info .
5.sp_addserver loopback,ASEnterprise,SERVERNAME
6.sp_configure 'enable job scheduler', 1
7.sp_js_wakeup 'start_js', 1
8. sp_role 'grant',js_admin_role,sa
9. sp_role 'grant',js_user_role,sa
10./opt/sybase/ASE-15_0/jobscheduler/Templates/installTemplateProcs 'GALLARDO' 'sa' '*****'

After this i found job scheduler process was running on mentioned port "4900" ,

-bash-3.2$ ps -ef | grep sybase
sybase 19926 19923 0 Feb 13 ? 0:12 /opt/sybase/ASE-15_0/bin/jsagent -p 4900 -n localhost -t 32 -l 0 -v -e

i was able to create jobs,schedule,scheduled job successfully.But wen the time for execution of jobs reached,Am getting the below error in SERVERNAME_JSAGENT.log

================================================== ===
00:1130096960:47725426680608:2013/02/20 14:30:00.26 worker Job SQL failed.
00:1130096960:47725426680608:2013/02/20 14:30:00.26 worker callback to fetch results failed
00:1130096960:47725426680608:2013/02/20 14:30:00.26 worker jsd_GetResults() failed
00:1130096960:47725426680608:2013/02/20 14:30:00.26 worker jsj__RunSQLJob() failed
================================================== ===
What could be the reason for this error.How to make my scheduled job to run on the server where i have installed Sybase ASE and job scheduler both.??

Am i missing any steps in Job Scheduler Installation Steps??
Help ll be much appreciated.