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    Unanswered: install DBI-Link on Postgresql - error


    I want to install DBI-Link in Postgresql / Postgis.
    It's in a machine with OS Windows 64-bit . (I can not change that).

    As I understand I need to install first Active Perl on my machine, which I have done.
    However when I create a new extension (plperlu or plperl) in Postgresql gives me an error like
    "can not load library: c: \ Program Files \ PostgreSQL \ 9.2 \ lib \ plperl.dll."

    I verified that the file plperl.dll exists in that exact location .

    As I investigated the problem could be related to the version of Active Perl installed and recommend installing version 5.10, which I did. However just found the version for 32 bits.

    (ActivePerl- - advanced-shorturl-perl-pidgin - ActivePerl 5.10 - Advanced Shorturl in Perl for Pidgin - Google Project Hosting)

    1 - It seems to you that the indicated error may have to do with be using the 32-bit version of Active Perl?

    2 - If so, does anyone know where I can get the version of Active Perl 5.10 64 bits?

    I don't have many computer skills so I can be doing a basic error that is preventing the installation of the DBI-Link in Postgresql.

    I would appreciate your help because I'm stuck for several days with this problem and do not know how to solve it ...

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