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    What database to use and learn?

    Hi All,

    I am being challenged by my company to improve the flow and process of 3 seperate projects through my department. We currently use large mulitple spreadsheets. We have been crying out to move to a database as i know it would massively improve our process. Money is not available for a pro to do this even though i have explained how much time it would save.

    I have taken it upon myself to learn something new and solve my works problem. Here are my questions.

    I have strong skills in Excel, like a challenge and learn quickly. I have limited experience of Access 2010 (all dept have this software) and many years ago i used to do web design and had started tutoring myself in PHP and MySQL.

    Spreadsheet A - holds multiple data on one item, using simple layout for input and one worksheet to align the information for Spreadsheet B
    Spreadsheet B - holds all processed items where data is costed through an internal cost martix within the workbook
    Spredsheet C - holds top level detail for reporting

    1) What is the easiest DB system to learn (design, programme and maintain)and put the above 3 workbooks into a combined database to simplify the process?
    2) What would be the best DB system to learn for a future in Database Development? ie if i enjoy it and become good and want to seek work in the database development industry.
    3) What would be the best DB system to use if rather than use a local network i wanted this to be something cheap and simple for anyone in our offsite locations to use and edit - thinking web based with secure log ins etc.

    Any help would quite simply be brilliant!


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    given that you are familiar with Excel, and have dabbled in MS Access my first thoughts would be use Access
    however you'd need to look at the budget implications of Access (is every possible users already using Access)? yes there is a free runtime that allows users without Access to run Access applications (but it is versions specific and can be a pig to set up (or at least was the last time I looked at it)

    If you have a IT/Systems function in house talk to them see what they suggest / recommend and so on.

    if you do go to develop it in house get a clear idea of what is required (yes its replace the current mishmash of spreadsheets). but try to nail what is actually required. talk to users to find what they need as opposed to what the excel spreadsheet does (often there is scope for doing things in a different way, or take more menial stuff on board

    also spend a lot of time looking at the data model before designing the application.
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