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    Unanswered: CLearing Few boxes after duplicate


    I have kept a duplicate button to duplicate the current record but I would like to know how we can make
    1) few fields empty and
    2) Increment a particular NID field to the next highest number present in the database. ( This particular ID field contains duplicate values too, so Autonumber is eliminated from the options). I am trying to increment that ID to (Current Highest Value in DB for NID+1)

    Many Thanks.

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    Bit tricky to advise on changes without knowing what needs to be changed! :P

    Post your code?
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    In regard to the first question, you can Copy & Paste the Record into a New Record, then set the desired Controls to Null:

    Private Sub DupRecord_Click()
     If Me.Dirty then Me.Dirty = False
     DoCmd****nCommand acCmdSelectRecord
     DoCmd****nCommand acCmdCopy
     DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNewRec
     DoCmd****nCommand acCmdPaste
    Me.Field1ToLeaveEmpty = Null
    Me.Field2ToLeaveEmpty = Null
    End Sub

    The forum's anti-spam software will not allow certain letter combinations, one of which is needed for run some commands, so in the code above, simply replace


    with the characters

    . R u

    (removing the spaces between the characters after inserting them)

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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