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    Unanswered: When criteria is blank show all


    You may or may not have seen my previous post regarding cricket stats, what I want to do is search a batsmens stats depending on certain criteria, for example I would have a combox for date of match, a combobox for opposition and a combobox for the team they played for which I can do easily and get the required results, however I want to display ALL results when I leave the comboboxes blank but cannot get it to work, ive scoured the internet for answers but none seem to work for me.

    Can anyone help?

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    Which technique are you using now? Please post the VBA code and/or the SQL expression as it is in your application.
    Have a nice day!

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    Just a thought, but you could make an entry in your combo box's list that says something like "All Teams" or "All Dates" and make that the default so the combo box is never blank. That way there is never a blank box, and you can control what happens in how you search or filter in your code.
    Pete Townsend

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