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    Unanswered: Need Serious Help - InfoPath Form to Access DB

    Does anybody have much experience in using an InfoPath 2003 form to transfer data into an Access 2003 database? I hear it gets buggy, but I've not been able to find many details. The problem is that this form would be used by up to 30 users per day, possibly several users at one time, each submitting up to 10 forms per day. The purpose of this databse is to track fingerprint examiner per-case metrics, so a form will be submitted for each case they complete. I thought that InfoPath might be better since it will keep the examiners completely out of the actual database.

    Also, does anybody know of any better or more reliable programs to use? This task is a bit out of my skill range, so any and all suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    I can't see what Infopath does that a competently designed Access from can't do
    as to keeping users out to the data base if you design the form(s) correctly, talking to a shared backend using an encrypted (MDE) front end I cant' see what the problem would be.
    I can see that there could be cost implications (but using runtime should get round that)
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