Hi All,

I installed PostgreSQL on ubuntu using graphical installer and working with pgadminIII. i have 2 issues

1. Earlier i installed postgres 9.1 but i wanted the latest version so later uninstalled 9.1 and reinstalled 9.2. but when i go to pgadmin , it still shows me both server on same port. i tried many times uninstalling 9.2 and reinstalling it but 9.1 still stays.

2. I want to create multiple instance of postgresql. i already have one so when i try to create second on using pgadminIII -> file -> Add server --> on different port it gives me error "Could not connect to server :Connection refused is the server running on host"localhost" ( and accepting TCP/IP connections on port 5434" and through google i found to add some thing in postgresql.conf file but whn i try to open my postgresql.conf file, it is empty.

I tried doing all if and else things but not able to figure it out. Is there any issue with my installation? Should i uninstall and try reinstalling it from command prompt and not graphical installer?

Any help is appreciated?