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    database design

    Hello, I'm quite new to databases and am doing a project which is creating a library management system and just want some advice.

    There will be different types of media available (book,journal,dvd).

    My question is which method would be better,

    1. Have a media table where all common attributes are located


    2. Have tables for each media type?

    And would I have to make a table for the multiple copies of each media?

    Any advice would be appreciated and thanks in advance.
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    Used the first method and got this:

    I'm still not sure how to do the attributes for each media that are only for that specific type

    eg. book has isbn but journal has issn, etc

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    There's no good way to handle this, unfortunately.
    If most attributes are shared between media, and you don't anticipate adding more media types, then store all the attributes in the same table and leave the unused ones as NULLs.

    Otherwise, consider creating an XML column to store the media-specific data.
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