We are having sql replication setup on db2 9.7 fp 5 and AIX 6.1.

We were having some problem with one of our apply set, then what we have done is to move all the tables reside in that apply set to another apply set.
We are having lag_time limit is of 7 days and just after 7 days we are getting the error at capture end, which says:

CAPTURE "ASN1" : "PruneThread". The pruning retention limit will be reached in the next 24 hour

But target server is in sync with source server, I understood that it will be because of empty apply set (apply program has not being started since deletion of all the tables) as there is an entry at capture program for the apply set is already there.
I am planning to delete the apply set and restart the capture program, will Deleting this apply set resolve the problem??