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    Automotive Database to use for Junk Yard

    Hi All,

    I am starting a new junkyard in Minnesota. I need a database program to organize my inventory. I have a list of programs that would work, but when I look them up on google I find things not related to inventory database programs...

    Checkmate (Can be either Web based or Onsite system)
    Pinnacle (United Recyclers Group)

    If there are other good inventory database programs please list them or send me a message. I am open to all suggestions and recommendations.

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    If you are looking for advice about what programs work well in a salvage yard, the chances of finding a good answer here at DBForums are pretty slim. If you are looking for advice about database engines (like DB2, Microsoft Access, Oracle, etc) then you've come to the right place! If you are looking for tools that an academic researcher would use to study what was done historically in a salvage yard, then the post from Brian Smith (above) is just what you need!

    Based on your examples, I get the impression that you're looking for full featured packages to run a salvage yard.

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    Thanks for the advice Pat.

    Yes I am looking for a full package inventory program, that of which is a database. Could you help me in finding the correct forum to ask about the programs? Or maybe you could help research?

    I really need to know about these programs and fast. I am documenting on excel right now and it is painful...

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