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    Unanswered: count crosstab query

    hello all,

    I have a query which has the following columns [subsno] [amount billed] [date]

    I'm having trouble figuring SQL syntax on how to do a crosstab query where the column headings would be the date, the rows would be the amount billed and the values would be a count of that billed amount in a particular month(date).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


    okay so I figured out the basics of the syntax:
    transform count([amount billed])
    select [amount billed]
    from total_billed_bygroup
    group by [amount billed]
    pivot [date];

    Also, how can I make the query only give me dates past a specified point. For example everything past 12/2010

    note: dates are in this form: 12/2010 would be 21012

    thanks again
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    Ignore this post. Figured it out. Sorry

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