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    How to arrange a database and avoid repeating data.


    I have been given the task of designing a database for an entertainment agency. It will feature an ACT table with fields being act_id, act_name, members, location and act_type.

    How do I deal with the problem of columns with repeating info. For example, there are 10 string quartet records to add so the field act_type will state string quartet ten times. Because that info is repeated does this mean that it should be in it's own STRING_QUARTET table and if so what would the fields be? The same issue happens with the location field, if many bands are based in London, shouldn't that have it's own LOCATION table?

    Any help and guidance would be great and sorry if the question is a little naive.


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    Look for Marc Rettig's poster that describes database normalization. It summarizes about a semester worth of study into a single, eye catching page.

    Apply what you learn from that poster, and the entertainment agency ought to be in grand form!

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