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    Unanswered: DB2 storage


    I have a question that I can not fill.

    I explain my situation:

    I have two 3TB drives in RAID 1. I therefore available 3TB of space. I would divide them into these 3TB 1TB for RedHat (I also want to swap, /home, / and so...), and the remaining 2TB create a partition only data, so you can store up to 2 DB created with DB2. The two DB can reach a maximum of 1TB dimensiome put together, we will overcome these mechanisms that erase data.

    During DB2 installation, creates 3 users, admin, instance owner and fecende. I realized that if I create the DB with the user instance owner. The data from the DB are stored in /home/instance_owner_user. Right?

    What I would like to do instead is create a database with the instance owner user, but specify to create and store the DB on the data partition. I can do this kind of operation?

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    I suggest you read the manual for the CREATE DATABASE command. You can tell it where to place the just about everything.


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    I solved just specify the option
    -dbpath path

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