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    Unanswered: PostGreSQL with Regex

    Hi All

    I'm trying to write a case statement which examines if a user has correctly or incorrectly put in comments into a system based on a standard compliance manual. Im trying to do this with Regex

    The user is supposed to input it something like X OF Y
    so for example '15 of 20' where 15 is the part they are on and 20 is the total number of parts associated with the equipment. The 'of' portion of the text can be upper or lower case

    I'm using a CASE statement something along the lines of

    CASE WHEN WHEN remark \d ~*[O]~*[F] THEN 'Compliant'
    Obviously this is very wrong. I have checked around Google and the forums but its not very clear to me in the explanations i have found

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks for your time

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    You only need the ~* operator only once and need to put the whole regex into single quotes:

        WHEN remark ~* '\d+\s+of\s+\d+' THEN 'Compliant'
        else 'Not compliant'
     end as compliant_status
    The regex only accepts patterns that have at least one digit followed by at least one whitespace, followed by "of" followed by at least one whitespace followed by at least one digit.
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    Thank you, this is exactly what I'm looking for

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