Form autoresize Demo database with VBA modul
Tested on MS Access professional 2007 SP3, Win7 ultimate SP1. Comes with MIT license - source code avalaible.

Frm_resize VBA modul offers you the following:

- automatically resizes forms and controls based on screen resolution & dpi settings, moves and resizes form according to wishes from developer. Example: resolution change from 1024*768 96 dpi to 1280*1024 96 dpi, -> all forms and controls will automatically upscale by min{1280/1024, 1024/768}=1.25 when they are opened.
- if you would like to resize the displayed form & all of it's controls, -> just change the from's now built in scale factors(x,y)
- also avalaible: resize to fullscreen
- You can specify the form center's(or any corner's) position on screen after resizing, proportional to screen size, e.g. .50,.50 will center the resized form
- You can resize and reposition form while it is open: See Demo form click events
- Autoresize Forms to custom size (in mm/inch) for printing, and automatically restore size after printing.
- BONUS TRICK: You can save design changes made by this modul. See How To's.

Check my homepage for download:

Help and How To's are provided inside the VBA modul.
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