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    Help on design huge database

    Hi everybody, I need a help to design a large database for analysis purpose.

    I briefly expose you what I need.

    I have to design a DB for data visualization.
    Those data are related to the surface of wood strip. In detail I have data collected in a High Frequency (250 process parameters measured 3500 times for each wood strip) related to the process parameters and surface defects of wood strip. Every day, about 40 strip are worked.

    That I want is to answare a query like the following: - Retrieve all available HR data within a certain wood-region over one whole production period containing thousands of wood strip. OR BETTER - Retrieve all high resolution data within a certain region of the wood strip (defined by X,Y coordinate) on a production period containing a very large amount of worked wood strip.

    I know the potentially of DW solution, but I don't know if the classical DW is useful to deal with this kind of problem, or the exploitation of some spatial assumption on that, i.e. the X coordinate of each measurement.

    How you suggest me to approach this kind of problem? A DW with 250 dimension tables, each of one related to one process parameters? A classical DB?



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    What you describe is not a data warehouse problem. A plain-old normalized database will do.
    No, you don't need 250 tables. That's not normalized.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

    blindman "sqlblindman"

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