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    Unanswered: Strange problem with INSERT

    Dim cn As ADODB.Connection
    Set cn = CurrentProject.Connection
    car = "b"
    nbr = 1652
    SQL = "INSERT INTO caracteres (car, nbr) VALUES ('" + Replace(car, "'", "''") + "', " + CStr(nbr) + ")"
    cn.Execute SQL, NumOfRec
    Debug.Print "INSERT " + car + " " + CStr(NumOfRec)
    Debug.Print SQL
    INSERT b 1
    INSERT INTO caracteres (car, nbr) VALUES ('b', 1652)

    But, in the table, I get this :
    car = b
    nbr = 1

    In fact, I have an idear, but don't know how to do with it.

    Because later in the code, I do a UPDATE with car="B" and nbr=1 WHERE car='B'

    Is there a syntax like :
    WHERE BinaryComp(car,"B")... ?

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    what datatype is nbr in the underlying table
    Im not sure why you are converting nbr to string
    reaplce isn't a fully supported function in JET databases, it works OK in Access A2000 and on, but it doesn't work in VB talking to JET

    incidentally its not a smart call in my books to name your variables to the same as the column names, it can cause confusion
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    I'm using Access 2010 *.mdb file
    nbr field is type Long Integer

    The problem is there is no difference with
    INSERT ... WHERE car="b"
    INSERT ... WHERE car="B"

    But still don't know how to do.

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    I did that and it works
    SQL = "UPDATE caracteres SET nbr=" + nbr + "  WHERE AscW(car)=" + CStr(AscW(car))
    But, I'm still wondering how to manage CASE with Access SQL ?

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