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    Unanswered: checking if a database can be dropped/renamed/exported

    Hi, I have searched for this question, could not find a similar question.

    I need to do an overnight rename of a DB but occasionally the rename fails with the message

    425: Database is currently opened by another user.

    107: ISAM error: record is locked.

    Is there a simple way to check from the script before I execute the rename if the DB is locked ?

    I guess the answer is onstat -g ses and then check each session and check the "Current Database field".

    However, the output of onstat -g ses <sid> is not the most friendly to parse, is there an alternative or an option to format the output of onstat to be more easily parsed or could I execute a query equivalent to onstat -g ses ?

    Thanks all for your help

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    I also have such problem as yours. My database needs to be replaced for the fresh one after overnight import, script kills all open connections before rename.

    less killdbcon

    onstat -g sql | grep "9\.03" | grep -v "-" | awk '{ print $1 }' |
    while read ans ; do
    onmode -z $ans
    echo "Killed db con: $ans"

    Maybe it helps you.


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    thanks a lot, I eventually found out about onstat -g sql to extract all sessions for a specific DB and then check them with onstat -g sess <sessionid>.
    I am not allowed to kill them so all I can do is detect the sessions and wait until they go away for a timeout period.
    One thing I discovered is that the session was an update statistics executed automatically by AUS.
    Unfortunately I am not the DBA, but I have to write these scripts with a lot of limitations on what I can do based on the DBAs guidelines.
    Thanks a lot for your reply and code.

    "Working on Informix against my own will"

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    AUS is generally launched if someone installed OAT. Unfortunately AUS is scheduled by default ( or estimates for AUS too).

    This task is to be cautiously evaluated before being scheduled.

    Check the OAT scheduler to eventually unschedule or schedule it on an more accurate manner

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