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    Unanswered: If Then Coding?

    i made a a database and have a table with LanID's. I have a form where people will have to put in a LanID when they first click on the form. i want to make a code using If Then statements. if they put in a correct LanID then the form will open. if they put in wrong LanID. i want a message box to pop up saying something like "invalid LanID, please enter a new one." again i want to do this using IF Then Else statements. if the LanID is correct or not will be based off of the Tables LanID's

    Table Name is NRCEmployees
    Field Name is LanID
    Form name is F_EMPLOYEE

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    This type of thing is normally done with two Forms, a login Form (we'll call it...LogInForm!

    Place an Unbound Textbox on it and name it txtLanID.

    Now, place a Command Button on it and name it cmdSubmitLanID.

    Now use this code behind the Command Button:

    Private Static Sub cmdSubmitLanID_Click()
    Dim Attempts As Integer
     If DCount("*", "NRCEmployees", "[LanID]=" & Me.txtLanID) > 0 Then
       DoCmd.OpenForm "F_EMPLOYEE"
      MsgBox "Wrong LanID! Please Try Again!", vbCritical, "Warning"
      Attempts = Attempts + 1
      If Attempts = 3 Then
         MsgBox "Login Attempts Have Failed Three Times! Please Contact System Administrator!"
          DoCmd.Close acForm, "LogInForm"
       End If
     End If
    End Sub

    The code above is correct if LanID is defined as a Number Datatype. If, instead, it is defined as Text, replace

    If DCount("*", "NRCEmployees", "[LanID]=" & Me.txtLanID) > 0 Then


    If DCount("*", "NRCEmployees", "[LanID]='" & Me.txtLanID & "'") > 0 Then

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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