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    Unanswered: SSIS Derived Column


    Two questions regarding Derived Columns in SSIS

    1. In a if else expression if condition is false how do you keep the value of the source column eg: Name == "" ? "Unknown" : Name
    Above will change all the non blank values to Name and not the actual value
    in the Name Column eg. John

    2. I have a column (unicode string)that stores date and time (The source is flat file) Is it possible to write expression to select the 1st day of month based on that date, and use this derived column as input to a table with a datetime field.

    Thank You

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    Do the conversions on the SQL side of SSIS (as expressions).
    1. CASE WHEN myCol = '' THEN 'Unknown' ELSE myCol END
    2. DateAdd(m, DateDiff(m, 0, myCol), 0)
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