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    Unanswered: Adding Memory and testing if new memory will be used

    We are are on DB2 9.7 LUW with AIX 6.1. We would like to add 1 GB of memory and would like to test in our TEST environment to see if it will use this new memory. We don't have much running on our Test environment.

    I realize if we only run one or two SQLs or processes it will just pick up memory in the bufferpools and not much will share this memory with many other processes, and probably won't tell us much if this new memory will be used.

    Is there anything that could be used or run on db2 to tell us if this new memory will be used and run faster? Have any of you done this before and what did you use and do?

    Thank you so much for your DB2 expert help!


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    If we add memory, I usually give a significant amount to the bufferpools.


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    db2top option "m" gives a nice overview
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