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    I have an old database and it works fine bu there are NO relationships setup in the grid, just via the queries is all. My questions is why would I need to create relationships in this grid if the db works and my queries link the tables correctly? I realize this is the preferred way and best way but I also don't want to break this db by creating the wrong relationships in this grid. Care to offer some explanation?

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    if its currently working 'as is', then its probably best to leave well alone. however by not defining relationship (after selecting the enforce relational integrity option) then you don't know what state the data is in.

    there is nothing magical about RI, it can be done in software rather than the DB. it is however far easier to enforce RI through proper use of relationships within the DB that it is through code.

    the original author and users of this system, for wahtever reason, don't give a monkeys about the qulaity of the data inside the DB.

    attempting to enforce RI relationships after the event is begging for trouble as before you can apply a relationship the data must be in a form that can accept the new constraints. so my advice would be leave it well alojne. if you have the option void this db like the plague and any other steaming piles of ... that author has created
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    Sage advice. I will leave it as it is.

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