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    Unanswered: Auto complete and autofill in access 2007

    i've stuck with this problem for a while .i really need you help if one can solve this problem for me..

    i have a department list in my combo box in my XX my department table, i add Finance, Accounts and IT.. in my department list all those values display in my form, like if i enter text 'F' suddenly Finance display on my combo box which is fine..My question if i want to add a new values eg. Software..i click save, check my database it stored there.when i go back and re-enter 'S' or Staff it does not display nor pops up on my combo box drop down list however it stored on my database table with new ID..
    how can i add a new value in my combo box drop down list?..I'm using access 2007

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    After storing the new value in the table, use:
    Where MyComboName is the name of the combo box.
    Have a nice day!

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