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    Unanswered: Help with tables (noob)

    Beginner here just starting to get into this, and have come across a problem. I need at least 7 tables for a video/game rental store. So far I have:

    Customer:CustID.... customer details
    Address: Suburb,suberbcode
    Rental:HireID,CustID,ItemID,Charge_rate($3 overnight, $7weekly)

    This is all based of what the client wants i.e Do a search on a customer based of various details, keep track on what's being hired, what's not, date returned, popular genre, stock.. List all items by category.

    Item ID is mandatory to start with "GF" also platform has to be either (PS3,xbox) - for game and( DVD,Bluray,VHS) - for movie. plus assigned to a certain genre.
    I've tried splitting up the Item table into 2 (game and movie) table but apparently it's wrong (?), unnecessary. So Yea I'm stuck, need help finding 7 tables and their correct attributes.

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    Your Stock table should include the ItemID (I'm sure it already does, but your description doesn't mention this, and I like to avoid doubt in this situation).

    I would split Platform and Genre into their own tables. I would also make Genre partially dependant on Platform, although that idea will no doubt spark some debate and is just a personal preference. (I'm not aware of many chick-flick or thriller games, or many platform or hidden object films.)

    Thinking about it, you might also want to split Charges out into their own table, and introduce a table CheckoutFines for people who return stuff late.
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    So I decided to set the tables out as follows, and got it all set up using Acess. and linked them according in the relationships.

    Customer:CustomerID(pk)Suburb(fk).. details
    Rental:HireID(PK),CustomerID(fk),ItemID(fk),Charge ID(fk)

    So yea when I went to setup a data entry form for the Item. I had ItemID,Title,platform, and Genre. I set it all up but than when I test it, it won't allow me to add any text into the Title box. I get the message Join key of table not in recored set. Can anyone help me where I went wrong, I'm assuming I've linked my tables wrong or something ??

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