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    Unanswered: Tablespace restore

    ENV: DB2 V9.5 OS: AIX

    Can a tablespace be restored online on a partitoned database environment from a full backup image ?

    scenario in detail: There is a database which is operational and we have a full backup image for that database. I need to restore only a particular tablespace from that backup image and restore into the existing database while rest of all the tablespaces in the existing database should be as is undisturbed. This is on a partitioned environment

    Can this be done? If so how ?

    Any help on this regard would be truely appreciated

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    I have restored a single tablespace in DPF before. I used 9.7, but assume 9.5 would also work. I looked in the manual for the syntax for restore command when I did it.
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    Issue RESTORE DB .. TABLESPACE (yourtbsp) ONLINE on all partitions where the tablespace is defined. Issue ROLLFORWARD DB ... TO whatever TABLESPACE (yourtbsp) ONLINE on the catalog partition. This should allow applications to access other tablespaces without interruption, as long as the restore does not involve the catalog tablespace. You will have to restore the catalog tablespace, if the rollforward includes any DDL statements affecting the restored tablespace or its tables.

    More info: Rolling forward changes in a table space
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    In Addition:
    The Tablespace will be in Backup Pending after the Restore.

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    Thanks everone..

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