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    Unanswered: Slave resyncing with master

    I have a master and a slave mysql install on 2 servers. There was an issue with the connection so there was about 5 days the master took on data that the slave did not. I corrected the connection issues and pointing the slave to the new bin-log but it doesnt seem to be grabbing the last 5 days of data. Still the top record is from the 6th.

    Any way to make the slave pull down all the records and resync itself with the master? Thanks!

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    Check that do you have last 5 days Binlogs available whether these are not expire

    Then Rest the slave

    Check the slave error log Where you can get binlog excat postion of failure

    Then user CHANGE MASTER command on Slave

    Now Start slave

    Enjoy your slave will be UP

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