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    ER Design help

    Hi All,

    New to the forum, new to database creation. I am looking to create an ER diagram for the following scenario but am running into a lot of trouble:

    Vacation of Your Dreams, LLC runs an outdoor adventure vacation company. Clients may select one of the vacations offered which include 1) Kick-Back Adventure, 2) Run Bike Swim Adventure, 3) Under-Sea Shark Adventure, 4) Category -5 River Adventure. The Client must sign waivers and must have had a current physical(within the last 2 months). Each Client must submit a resume which will be used to qualify or disqualify them from participation in a particular vacation adventure. If a client does not qualify they will be offered a spot on a vacation adventure for which they qualify. Each Client will sign a contract promising to participate fully in the adventure and subject themselves to the authority of the Adventure Guide(s) in charge of their vacation adventure.

    Each vacation has its own set of specialized equipment which must be assembled, inspected, cleaned and assigned to a participant or group of participants. All specialized equipment must be signed out of the inventory shack before the participants arrive for their adventure by the Adventure Guide. The Kick Back vacation is available to all ages and no limit on participants. Equipment consists of a mug, lawn chair, regular meals prepared in the kitchen, assigned quarters in the Dude Ranch Hotel, binoculars, and notebook. The Run Bike Swim Adventure is limited to 10 persons from 21-40 years of age. Equipment consists of running shorts, trail running shoes, swimming suits, towels, mountain bike, 4 water bottles, high energy food rations for 4 days, and backpack with complete cooking sleeping gear. 4 Guides assigned one of which is qualified as Emergency Medical Technician. The Under-Sea Shark Adventure is limited to 12 certified SCUBA divers of any age. All participants will have a buddy or be assigned a buddy for safety. Participants may bring their own dive gear or they may rent gear in the inventory shack. Each participant and their buddy will be assigned quarters on a live-on dive boat. Food, water, and other supplies will be available for the 6-day dive adventure. 4 Adventure Guides assigned 2 of which are qualified Dive Masters. The Category-5 River Adventure is for 6 teams of 4 people with 6 Senior Adventure Guides. Each team is assigned a 4 man raft, 4 man tent, sleeping gear, and food supplies for 4 days on the river.

    Vacation of Your Dreams wants to create brochures with schedules of Adventures to be emailed to Clients as well as conduct other marketing from their database. Permanent records of the contracts must be kept. Contracts will show all client demographic information as well as details of the adventure. The Senior Adventure Guide is responsible to enter the Adventure log which is to be identified by course number, date, and clients attending the Adventure Vacation. Accurate inventory records must be kept in order to supply all vacations. Employees are employed for each adventure season beginning May 1st and ending Sept 30th of each year. There are 5 full-time employees who schedule, plan, and do other logistical duties year-round. The management consisting of a the owner-partners wish to add more vacations in the future.

    My previous ER diagram didn't look so hot and i can't quite get it right. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    We don't do people's homework for them on this forum.
    If you have a specific question relating to your assignment, you might get assistance with that.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

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