Something changed with our out of support Shadow servers over the weekend. As such, no apps using Shadow are working.

One in particular we are more then anxious to get working again, it's using Neon Client to talk to a DB2 database but when you get to test the connection you get NEON SCPD32.DLL READ FAILED - COMMUNICATION LINK BROKEN.

The immediate fix was to use DB2 Runtime Client but another stumbling block is the Windows Application server is 2000 SP4. We have downloaded 8.1 (unlicencable) 9.5 (Kernel Error Not Supported on 2000) 9.7 (Not Supported on 2000)

So have a range of unsupported kit, and we need to get some SQL 2000 Data over to some DB2 tables on the mainframe from a Windows 2000 box.

Has anybody got any advice, of a way of fudging this?

Many thanks is advance.