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    New Software Development Tool Released

    Ardeal Soft is proud to announce the release of XtraBuild Designer (v., a new software development tool designed for developers to assist them in creating and building database driven applications.

    • Build more applications in less time
    • Save on development costs
    • Save on additional tool purchases
    • Reduce your support costs
    • Increase end-user satisfaction

    Create professional applications 50 times faster than with traditional methods. With one click you can include in your applications features that otherwise require hundreds of hours of work. Build flexible database solutions for rapid deployment on Windows, from XP to Windows 8, and add licensing rules to the created applications.

    With the help of XtraBuild Designer, users have the possibility to create and customize layouts and controls for various applications. Moreover, the application works perfectly with Access, SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite.

    · Supports over 20 editors
    · Layout management and customization
    · Ribbon interface designer
    · Advanced Charting and Reporting editors included
    · Strong security management

    · Microsoft .NET Framework 4

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    New version for XtraBuild Designer has been released

    New version for XtraBuild Designer and XtraBuild Runtime has been released on 26 March.

    Enhancements to existing features:
    - In the Run menu, the created forms are not built at every opening any more, just at the first opening, this way considerably increasing the application’s speed
    - The XtraBuild Designer installation kit comes preloaded with a demo project: XtraBuild-CRM-Lite.xbp
    - The XtraBuild Designer installation kit contains a demo database: XtraBuild-CRM-Lite.sqlite
    - In the New/Open windows, projects can be opened now with a double click
    - Updated some third party components.

    Bug Fixes:- XtraBuild Designer cannot be launched if there is no internet connection
    - Tabs in RibbonBar Backstage are not accessible after main window is maximized
    - While resizing the application, the interface shows a nasty redrawing if the RibbonBar Backstage is visible
    - The newly created application’s icon and name are not displayed when the application is tested from the Run menu
    - In the RibbonBar editor – under specific Skins, the names of the items appear with the same colour as the background

    Each installation of XtraBuild Designer comes preloaded with a freeware, fully functional working project with a demo database.
    This project - CRM Lite - can be used either for learning purposes or it can be edited, modified and sold or deployed with XtraBuild Runtime.

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    Hello Friend....

    Thanks for sharing to this new software development tool...

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    Just gone through the newly released tool, really helpful. Soon I will implement it.

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    Xtrabuild Designer offer stunning end-client experience. Reporting motor gives the ability to create expert reports from information of any unpredictability, and after that review, print or send out the coming about record into different designs.

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    XtraBuild turned six months!

    28 September 2013 - Over 1500 installed licenses in the first six months from launch is a performance which we’d like to celebrate!

    In order to reflect this performance we thank to all our customers, lowering prices substantially on all XtraBuild license subscriptions. In this way, we provide as many developers the chance to deploy more projects on customer’s computers and encourage software companies to involve more developers in using XtraBuild tools.

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