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    Unanswered: INSERT INTO SELECT issue

    I have a scenario where in i should achieve the below.

    if (bonusflag=FALSE)
    insert into emp_sal select emp_no , no_of_hours*60 as emp_sal from emp
    where no_of_hours = 4

    insert into emp_sal select emp_no , (no_of_hours*60) + 5000 as emp_sal from emp where emp_no >100 and no_of_hours > 6

    Now, while doing the same thru pl/sql can you help me how to write the code as we can not use execute immediate because the above queries will return more than 1 row.


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    below is valid SQL that will not throw error due to multiple rows from SELECT
    INSERT INTO emp_sal 
    SELECT emp_no, 
           no_of_hours * 60 AS emp_sal 
    FROM   emp 
    WHERE  no_of_hours = 4
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