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    Exclamation Unanswered: Need help with audit trail

    I work on an OLTP database that has audit trail enable for most critical tables. Recently, all records from a table that was considered non-critical at implementation was deleted. How can I find out who did this and when it was done.

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    Deleting from the audit trail should be restricted to user SYS, but I think it could also be done by any user granted the DELETE ANY TABLE privilege. This should help you narrow down the list of suspects.

    If you are auditing sys operations, then you can look in the host audit files. The location of these files might be different for each version of Oracle, so check the on-line documentation. For example on Linux and Solaris the files might be stored in directory /u01/app/oracle/$ORACLE_SID/adump. Go to that location and run "grep -i delete *.aud".

    On Windows these records are written to Event Viewer.

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