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    Unanswered: no value given for one or more parameters error

    I have tried everything to solve this, and am lost at this point.
    The error is: no value given for one or more parameters

    The sql query is simple:

    strsqlHor1 = "Select * from HorData where [User Number] = " & UNumber & _
    " and [Location Number] = " & LNumber & " Order by Azimuth, Altitude"

    It evaluates to
    Select * from HorData where [User Number] = 1 and [Location Number] = 1 Order by Azimuth, Altitude

    The HorData table has the two columns, spelled correctly. User and Location number 1 is there. So is Azimuth and Altitude and there are no null entries.

    If I copy the sql from the vb6 program and run it in the database, it runs perfectly, no errors.

    The database is passworded, and the connection string is:
    PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\Program Files\AHC\AHCData.mdb;Jet OLEDBatabase Password="nuIynhrV6HV8"

    I am using VB6 and the ADOdc data control. Any help would be extremely appreciated as it has us at a halt at this point.


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    Never mind - just found it

    Just found it. There was a data control hidden on the form that had a misspelling. Somehow we missed it.

    Thanks for anyone who was trying.


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