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    Unanswered: creating seperate tables for different responses


    I am required to create a database for a charity on Access 2010 for a charity that recieves most of their funding through an annual ball which they organise. Committee members sell the tickets for the ball so I have a table with various fields listing the details of committee members. I now need to create a new table for donors - however donors can be individuals or companies - so if one of the fields includes a drop down list for donor type (where users will either select individual or company), at that point how can I create a different version of the table based on that response - it wouldn't be relevant to have fields for title (Miss/Mr/Mrs) or first name/last name in the case of company donors. Is there any way to do this without using macros etc as this assignment only covers tables, queries, forms and reports.


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    why woudl you want different tables in the first place, a donor is a donor UNLESS there are other criteria you haven't described

    what you could do is used the sub/supertype approach

    have a donations table which details everything that is common to all donations (eg the date the amount)
    off that have two child tables which contains everything that is specific to that specific type of donor (eg the company name, the contact name, and so on)

    there is no link between individual and corporate donor, but there is a link to donations from each.
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