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    Unanswered: combo boxes in tables


    Is it possible to add combo boxes to tables? Is this done via Data Type > Lookup Wizard?


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    a table is a datastore
    combo boxes are a way of showing data and as such are part of the userinterface (and especially forms

    what you can do is define another table that stored the Primary Key and other data for the attribute, and store the foreign key (the same relevant value as the PK in the other table and use a combo or listbox to represent that data in a form
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    A Lookup Field in a Table is a very bad idea! For the reasons why they should never be used, read the article "The Evils of Lookup Fields in Tables" here:

    The Access Web - The Evils of Lookup Fields in Tables

    End Users should only have direct access to Forms or Queries, never to Tables, when entering/editing Data.

    Note that this refers to Lookup Fields in Tables not to Comboboxes in Forms, being used to lookup Records. That is something else all together.

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    Hope this helps!

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