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    Unanswered: Textfield in page footer of access report

    Your site recently helped me out with some coding, so I am hoping you can help again.
    I generate reports from a check box for selected records on a subform. In the underlying base table for the forms and reports, there is a text field for the user to enter comments during data entry. Typically, records do not have comments, but occaisonally, there is a comment and they can be lengthy. There isn't enough room in the report detail section to include the comment field, and as I said, probably 90 out of 100 records have no comments.
    So I've placed the comment field in the page footer and it works great (since they can be lengthy) as long as the record with the comment is the last record sorted in the report. If it's not the last record, the comment doesn't print. Sometimes I luck out and there are two or more records with the same comment and one of them is the last record. It's fairly common for a report to have multiple records with the same comment as the reports are based on the type of lab test performed. Is there anyway to force the comment field to print in the page footer regardless of how the records are sorted or grouped for the report? Or am I stuck with trying to cram the comment field into the detail portion of the report?


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    Why not create a separate report showing only the comments then make this a subreport in the footer*

    Your subreport could be based off the same query but with an addition to the WHERE clause to filter out non-blank comments fields.

    * it's been a long time since I touched Access reports so apologies if this is not possible
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    Thanks, that's not a bad idea. I had not considered that possibility, so let me give it a try.


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