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    Unanswered: User login to allow 'unique' forms

    Hello all,

    Am new here, and new to MS Access, so if this is either in the wrong forum, or I'm asking entirely stupid questions, please let me know.

    I'm using MS Access 2010 to create a database for data entry in our company, and would like certain forms to automatically log the user who has entered new information (this is most pertinent for time billing information).

    I have created a simple username/password login screen, but does anyone have any pointers as to how this might help? Or are there any better ways?

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    instead of rolling your own user id / password system I'd strongly recommend that you sue the network logon.. see the code bank or do a google on Dev Ashish API. those self same API calls can also provide the computer ID as well. itf you tie down the userid, computer and time it get very hard for an individual user to deny.

    if you use your own user id and password then if it comes to legals you may struggle to prove your information is valid. actually without adequate design of an Access db you will struggle to prove anything to a legal standard of proof.

    if I understand correctly what you are trying to do is create an audit trail. there are some good examples on t'web.

    if you just store the last user who changed something all you know is that something changed on a specific date. if you implement an audit trail then you know what user id changed what columns and if required from what value to whatever value.
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    Many thanks for your help, and your quick response! I've been away for a few days, so have been unable to thank you any earlier.

    Although it would never come to legals (I'm not creating an audit trail, just a means of automatically logging an individual to their hours for billing - different users have different time charges) I think some of suggestions are great, and using the network logon would take the legwork out of setting up login/password for each user.

    I've used the getuser() spiel from to automatically call up the login name (I'm not interested in the computer name), however, could you possibly help on:

    1) Is it possible to deny user access to the database if the login name is not in the database?
    and 2) can I set different user's permissions to access certain tables, forms etc? I want administrators to have access to certain information, and it be hidden/locked for others.

    Many thanks

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