I have a table called User (user_ID, User_Name, Password, Security_Level)
On form there is a combo box for user name and text box for password.
Two command button where one is for EXIT (Closing the application) and the second button is to run the code.

if the password in table User matches value chosen in combo box or user name and password are correct
Then it should check if Security_Level of the user is equal to 1 to displays a form called Admin
and when the Security_Level of the user is equal to 2 to display a form called user1.

NOTE: All that I want is to have a login that has two user and each user when login opens his/her own form which is different from the other user.

Plzz help me to write codes for this. Am not good at coding.
I will appreciate for any assistance & support.
Thanx, Chriss.