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    Question Unanswered: New Topic Publication and Subscription issues over 2 domains

    Good Morning Ladies and Gents,

    I am struggling to win with Publications and Subscriptions.

    The situation is as follows, A client of ours has a system which requires updates received from an external domain (trusted connection is setup already) and pull data through a configured Publication.

    Now when I attempt to setup a pull subscription the problem I am running into is the OS level authentication the location for the snapshots they don’t want anonymous login, which I can understand from a security standpoint.
    But I continually have hit a wall when it comes to where I can define a Login details to utilize, both to a unc shared path or a FTP. On the OS level when I define it I receive an error because the account I placed in is trying to verify on the clients domain which won’t work because it is a completely separate domain as I have stated.

    The 2 SQL servers are communicating through a trusted connection over the Internet, and the FTP as well as the OS share I can access myself through Windows by entering the required credentials when asked for them so it definitely is not a case of no access at all.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Are you using only the AD account name "RemoteAccount" or a FQDN, or an NT name like "RemoteDomain\RemoteAccount" to log into the remote domain? My preference would be FQDN then NT Name, the Account name by itself probably won't work.

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    Just a Update.

    The issue was with permissions, using the Single sign on would prevent me from signing in through the firewalls between both sites.

    To get around this I configured a Trusted connection between the 2 firewalls. and then from the FTP I allowed Annonymous from the specific IP address only.

    This let me grab the files i wanted and needed.

    Thus far been going fine, without error

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