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    Post Unanswered: Inventory Database

    hi guys,
    Iam trying to do an inventory DB for a government ministry to track all their drug & equipment distributions to various health centers around the country, trouble is i dont know what should be written down as the entities and their attributes.
    Its like this:
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    Scenario: Inventory Database
    In this assignment, you will create a database for Fiji’s Ministry of Health to help the ministry manage
    data about distribution of supplies that is drugs and equipment, to the health centres and major
    hospitals around Fiji.
    Your database will store information about each item (drug or equipment) provided by the Health
    Department - including its name, supplier, price, the number of units currently available at the
    Government Pharmacy in Suva, and the number of units on order. For drugs, your system will store
    information about dosages and side effects. Doctors and nurses will use your database to get
    information about supplies and check on their availability.
    Your database will maintain information about the quantities of specific items shipped to health centres
    and major hospitals throughout Fiji. The main supply is in the Government Pharmacy in Suva.
    Distribution clerks will use your database to record when supplies arrive at the main pharmacy. They will
    also enter data about weekly shipments to hospitals and health centres. This means that your database
    should store information about the items distributed to the hospitals and health centres from the
    Government Pharmacy.
    Every week, the Chief Pharmacist will request the database for a report of distribution of supplies to
    each hospital and health centre. Every month the database should generate a report on the amount of
    supplies currently available.
    Business Rules
    A database designer has started the design process and the following business rules have been
    identified by the designer:
    1. Each item (drug or equipment) is supplied by exactly one supplier, but each supplier can
    supply no or many items.
    2. Each item has one or many invoices (purchases), and each invoice can list one or many
    3. Each item has one or many shipments (distributions), and each shipment can contain
    one or many items.
    4. Each shipment is sent to exactly one health centre or hospital, but each health centre or
    hospital can receive one or many shipments.
    You are free to use these business rules or design your own. You will need to identify additional
    business rules for the case study.

    thanks for any kind of help

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    It looks like a homework to me.
    Have a nice day!

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    Do you reckon?

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    Hope this helps!

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