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    Post Free Valentina Studio; Valentina Studio Pro

    Free Valentina Studio is a db management tool for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Mac OS X users can grab it off of the Mac App Store. Valentina Studio was previously sold for $99.

    Valentina Studio Pro also adds a powerful Report Designer, SQLDIFF, Reverse/Forward Engineering with database diagramming (Reverse supported in Free Valentina Studio).

    Valentina Studio works with many popular databases. As of 5.1, it supports MySQL / MariaDB, Postgre, SQLite and Valentina DB.

    The Report Designer lets you run reports within Valentina Studio Pro, or generate report templates for use with Valentina Server (a free version of Valentina Server is available).

    If agreeable to the admins, Ill post updates to the same thread as they come out.

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    It is certainly agreeable to post advertisements for database products in the Marketplace forum. Ads can be purchased in other forums (banner advertisements included), but not via posting messages.

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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    Frankly speaking I've used Valentina Studio Valentina Studio - Manager for Valentina, SQLite, mySQL, PostgreSQL (MySQL

    database on Windows) and it didn't impressed me at all. It has too small functional. Certainly for basic

    needs it is siutible. A big plus is working on different operating systems and with multiple databases BUT I

    use only Windows and MySQL database. So I stopped at dbForge Studio for MySQL

    MySQL GUI Tool - MySQL Front End Client | Devart It's hard to realize what esle I'd like to see in this

    product))))) It has everything I need. Guys from Devart, if you are reading this - MANY THANKS TO YOU!

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