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    Unanswered: db2 tcpnode usage

    I'm a newbie so please let me know if this is not appropriate for this forum.
    My question is in regards to using a tcpnode vs regular applcation connections.
    My old environment is db2 8.2 fp9 ESE on AIX 5.3 TL10 SP1, 3rd party software making connections to the database is WebSphere Message Broker 6.0.
    My new environment i db2 9.2 FP9 ESE on AIX 6.1 TL 6 SP6 with WebSphere Message Broker 6.1. All on the same server.

    In the old environment a database was created, then tcpnode cataloged then looback db/alias cataloged to address db connection limitations for the application. This was done by a Sr DBA that has left the company.

    My question is in 9.5 is this still something that is required or is the limitation not an issue anymore? Also is there a difference in performance with using tcpnode compared to local connection?

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