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    Unanswered: Club Member Database

    It would really mean a lot of your help. This is just a simple database, however, I really forgot how to build one.
    The image says it all

    Image reference:

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    For those DBForums members who are concerned about a double-blind redirect to a questionable JPG file, the text of the photo reads:
    Quote Originally Posted by OCR
    This database will be used to store information regarding the members of our club. It will also store our information about our activities and who attended them.
    to track attendance.

    1. There are five tables.

    Members - stores information regarding the members' name, contact number, course, year

    Movies - stores information about movies who have already been shown to prevent redundancies.

    ActivitiesDetails - stores information about the activity's name and description

    I'm not really about this next tables

    Activities - stores the actual activities ?

    ActivitiesTable (sorry about this, it's a misnomer) - this has two primary (or is it foregn?) keys, one from the Member's and one from the Activity's Table.

    QUERY A: Any suggestion about the proper naming of tables?

    2. The visual of the relationships and of each tables

    QUERY B: Is my structure correct?

    3. Autonumber

    QUERY C: How do I make the Autonumber MemberID start at a random four digit number rather than the number 1?

    4. Name

    QUERY D: As you can see in Activity 3, there are three memebers who attended the Activity. Is there anyway I can link the Name field to the actual name of the members, without retyping them again?

    5. Format

    QUERY E: Is there anyway I can restrict the formatting of the contact number from 09222925488 to 0922-2925-488 or something like that?
    This is most probably a high school assignment, but for those that want to contribute please feel free to offer insight and suggestions. Do NOT provide a complete solution, that would be inappropriate even if the request is legitimate.

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    ^Thanks for the reply. Still waiting for an answer :] and this is not a high school assignment :]

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    so what have you got so far?
    what tables have you got
    what relationships have you got?

    if the activitestable is incorrectly named, fix it now before you get to far in using an incorrectly named table/column.

    an autonumber column should have no meaning outside the system. do not rely on an autonumber column if you need contiguous numbers or start at a specific value. in this case what you coudl do is frigg it. use the autonumber column but always display it as say autonumber+100000. or if you really want to fox users/competitors prefix the actual number with some psuedo random garbage on the front and the back of the actual number eg member 786 becomes HA0Q0786PZ
    or do waht soem of the accoutnign programs do and create the memberid as a certain number of letters from the surname and a numeric suffix

    if you set the alpha component as 5 letters eg:- Butte001, and add 1 to the next member who's anem starts with BUTTE (eg BUTTErfield)
    natch you can play other games by starting at a random number so that your competitiors won't know how many members you actually have
    Butte001 could be your first member, but adding a random number to the first instance of BUTTE
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