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    Unanswered: Microsoft email notification for a stability program

    Is it possible to build a microsoft access database where products are entered for a stability program that need to be tested at a certain frequency (ie every 6 months after initial entry for example). Can you program a query in that microsoft access database such that an email notification is sent just prior to the next test date is due so we can test the product in question in time. Can it be done, if yes can you show me how or refer me to books or sites that can help? thank you very much. chessman

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    yes it can be done
    however integrating Access and an Email client can be tricky depending on the security set up and the email client you use.

    it also means that you need to run a version of the Access application in batch mode (say overnight) to do the routine processing and generate the emails

    personally I'd suggest you start things simply
    create a DB that handles the data
    and manage the situation using say reports

    once you are familiar with that process then move on to add email functionality
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