I am using DB2 V9.7 fixpack 7 on linux box. During a process I am getting below error :
DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-805, SQLSTATE=51002, SQLERRMC=DB2LIC.SYSLIC 0X5042354A4C464A77, DRIVER=4.14.113

I have tried
db2 bind /Db2 installed directory/bnd/@db2ubind.lst blocking all sqlerror continue messages bind.msg grant public
db2 bind /Db2 installed directory /bnd/@db2cli.lst blocking all sqlerror continue messages cli.msg grant public
db2 bind /instance_home_directory/sqllib/bnd/@db2schema.bnd blocking all grant public sqlerror continue

but during binding @db2schema I am getting below error:
LINE MESSAGES FOR db2schema.bnd
------ --------------------------------------------------------------------
SQL0061W The binder is in progress.
SQL0031C File "BINDV810L d R
" could not be opened.

LINE MESSAGES FOR db2schema.bnd
------ --------------------------------------------------------------------
SQL0040N An error occurred on one or more bind files in list
"db2schema.bnd". The following files were not bound: "1".
SQL0082C An error has occurred which has terminated
SQL0091N Binding was ended with "3" errors and "0" warnings.

and after it still getting 805 error.

Can anyone help me in this.