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    Unanswered: DB Query

    I need to create a report with multiple inputs, that will query one field.

    So the report will ask for PNumber.

    the user will input several PNumbers.

    the reports will gather all the matching pnumbers and out put the data to a report.

    what is the best way to gather and output the report?

    any help would be great!!!

    I have created a report based on "1" PNumber but I need it to pall multiple PNumbers!


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    I don't know what is the code that runs behind your report but you probably have a SQL expression somewhere, such as PNumber = <some number>, probably used as the Filter property. If this is the case, change the expression to: PNumber IN ( <some number 1>, <some number 2>, etc... )
    Post the code actually running if you want more precise explanations, with what you provided, I can only guess.
    Have a nice day!

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