I'm a little confused on how to use a form to gather query parameters. Once I can get a form made to gather the parameters, I do know how to refer to that form in the query, so running the query isn't the problem, rather the form itself.

To wit: I have a table of employees. Three different fields contain the employee ID, Last Name, and First Name. The employee ID is the key and must be used as the actual submitted parameter. But I'd like a drop-down combo box that lists Last Name, First Name.

I actually have accomplished exactly the above on a different form for a different purpose. However, I'd also like to include in this form two text boxes to gather dates, an end date and a begin date, so as to establish a date range for the query.

The previous form was for data entry. The one I want to create now is not; rather, it's for gathering parameters for a query. The problem I keep running into is that I initiate form creation with the Wizard and base it on the tblEmployees, so everything I put in the Control Source box for the date range text boxes gives me an error.